Hollis West



                                                                                                              Hollis West

                                                                             Given Name: Hollis West

                                                                             Age: 24 (2013) 20 (2009, in book)

                                                                             Hair Colour: dark brown

                                                                             Eye Colour: greenish blue

                                                                              Dating: Laura

                                                                             Living: backpacking around Europe



                                                                           Victoria West- Hollis' mother

                                                                           Robert West-  Hollis' father

                                                                          Auden West-  Hollis' sister

                                                                          Heidi West- Hollis' step mother

                                                                         Thisbe West- Hollis' baby half- sister


Early Life

Hollis was born to Victoria and Robert West sometime in 1989. Victoria was 26. Robert was the same age. As a child, Hollis was really colicky and always was loud and crying. Two years after Hollis was born, his little sister Auden came into the family. Hollis' parents paid more attention to him then Auden. Hollis had a good childhood. When he was 17, he had wanted to go to Europe abroad so his parents let him. He was not there when his parent's divorced. It drew him and Auden really bad. As he became older, he did not stay with one woman. Constantly having different girlfriends and not finding the right one. One of his girlfriends, Tara, dropped off a package for Hollis to Auden for a present. He had given her a picture frame that quoted "The Best of Times." He is now more laidback than he was and he is very affectionate and on good terms with Auden.


Life in Europe/ Colby

Hollis has seen it all: Paris, Rome, Greece, Italy. He has been in Europe since he was 17, studying abroad. He has had multiple girlfriends, and chats with Auden on a general basis on the phone. He and Auden are close and don't fight often like most siblings do. Of course, Hollis and Auden have expectful parents. Hollis calls Auden "Aud". That is his nickname for her when he is being affectionate and joking with her. Hollis went down to Colby to visit Auden, Robert (His dad), Heidi, and Thisbe, his new little sister. The reason he came to visit was to show the family his fiancé, Laura. He told his family that he has finally found the love of his life and that proved his mother was wrong: Hollis really has changed. He is a lovable, affectionate, funny, and kind person that everyone loves to warm up to.                                                           

Bro and sis

Hollis and Auden showing brother and sisterly love.





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